Have questions about how we can help you grow your Shopify powered business with search engine optimization?  Below you'll find some of the most commonly asked questions we get...

Do you do SEO for other e-commerce platforms?

No. We focus 100% of our energy on search engine optimization for the Shopify platform.

Do you include optimization services for YouTube videos?

Yes, we encourage clients to create video content that we can promote to rank in Google and other search engines including YouTube itself.

Will you optimize my Amazon listings for better rankings in Google and Amazon?

Yes. If you are selling your products on Amazon or in other channels we will optimize and promote those for each of your campaigns.  Our goal is to help you dominate the entire 1st page of Google.

How quickly will I see results?

Generally, our clients will start to see improvements in rankings in about 30 days. Sometimes we see things move faster because we work very hard to correct issues and kick-off our campaign promotions.

Do you require a contract?

No. All of our services are offered on a month-to-month basis. We want you to be happy so there is no need for long term agreements.  We do typically charge a one-time start-up fee to get everything set up for you.

How much do you charge for your services?

Pricing depends on your specific needs. The number of core keyword campaigns, content creation needed, and other services that you may want or need to include.

Do you do local SEO for Shopify stores also?

Yes. We assist local, national, and international businesses.