Search engine optimization

If you want to rank at the top of Google, Bing, YouTube and Amazon for your most important keywords, then you need to fully optimize your Shopify store and other online assets for success.

Content Creation

Tap into our team of US-based copywriting experts with decades of experience who deeply understand the search engines to improve your rankings, traffic and conversions.

Video Creation

Video content is the most engaging form of content today and the right product videos can drive engagement across multiple channels for massive improvements to your traffic, sales and profits.

Sales Generated from SEO Services

Forget Rankings, It's All About Sales!

Our goal isn't to just increase your rankings and traffic.  Our goal is to drive new sales conversions for you every day.

Too many SEO companies lack the understanding that search engine optimization is really about human psychology and behavior, not keywords and rankings...


Google loves e-commerce stores with lots of keyword-relevant content.  Leverage our team of US-based copywriters with over 20+ years of experience to blow the doors off your competition.

Whether you need additional content for your product or category pages or need new blog posts put up each week, we've got you covered!

Google loves fresh content and humans love compelling content.  That's where our copywriting expertise turns new visitors into buyers...

SEO Copywriter

VIdeo Converts visitors into customers!

Video content drives awareness, demonstrates how products deliver value and converts more visitors into customers.

Our team of videos experts can develop e-commerce product videos that can be embedded in product descriptions, uploaded to YouTube, posted on category pages, blog posts and more...


YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world behind Google and Google owns them. 

So ranking your YouTube video in Google's organic search engine results starts with fully optimizing your YouTube channel and videos for increased rankings in Google's and YouTube's organic search results.

Once your videos are optimized we can start our video promotion process to start driving increased rankings and views within both platforms.

We don't want you to only rank your website on the first page of Google, our goal is to use YouTube videos, Amazon product pages, and other authoritative websites to push your competitors to page two of Google's results for your most important keywords.

This is how we squeeze your competitors out of the market and position your business as the industry leader.

Let the fun begin!

YouTube Optimization Services
Amazon Search Engine Optimization

Take Shopify to Amazon for more success!

This is your opportunity to dominate Google's search engine results while also improving your organic rankings within the most powerful e-commerce platform known to man, Amazon.

We'll optimize and promote your Amazon product pages so that you can dominate organic results and drive more sales...


Want to see how we can help you be more successful with your e-commerce business?  Speak to one of our experienced team members today!